By definition, group insurance allows each employee, subscribing to a same group, to benefit from a financial protection for a number of risks such as: illness, drugs, accident, disability, death and even for certain types of care and specific professional support. It is also worthwhile since it protects not only the employee but also and most often, his/her family.

Though it is the company that must take out an insurance contract, premiums are most often paid together with the employees through payroll deductions.

For your claims, Alliance, Solution Collective offers each subscribing company as well its employees, an easy to use, online software solution. Claims processing is thus quick and available at all times; this means that 24-7, qualified personnel can answer calls and take care of emergencies.

To establish the best plan for your company, you can trust our expertise. Joined together, our group insurance representatives total over 40 years of experience. Moreover, our strongly implanted partnerships with many insurance companies allow us to find and negotiate the best deals. In some cases, we will even put together a plan undertaken by many insurers instead of just one. In essence, we customize and never offer «one size fits all». Once the plan is in place, we coordinate for documented and proactive management to make sure your plan will remain the best alternative for the subscribers. Otherwise, we will provide soundly based solutions.

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