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Whether it is for an occasional difficulty or a long-term problem experienced within the company, the couple, the family or a personal problem, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available and efficient. To avoid precarious or even dramatic situations as well as to improve personnel’s productivity and attendance, the EAP is a very cost-effective solution.

Our EAP offers an accessible 24-7 service helping people going through situations such as: 

  • Psychological distress (mourning, professional burn out, emotional dependency, etc.);
  • couples issues (separation/divorce, sexuality, family violence, etc.);
  • Family problems (academic difficulties, blended family, etc.);
  • problems related to work (work/family conciliation, harassment, etc.);
  • addictions (alcohol, illegal drugs, gambling problems, etc.);
  • financial and/or legal problems (bankruptcy, fraud, etc.)

Moreover, for management personnel, an additional crisis management option is available with this EAP. Indeed, it can help face, with peace of mind, such situations as:

  • conflict and tragic event;
  • abolition of post;
  • company shutdown;
  • strike or lock-out;
  • specific problems with peers;
  • work injuries (critical injuries or death);
  • violence and harassment. 

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