Retirement plans

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As is the case for the majority of Quebec businesses, you are now obliged to offer your employees a retirement savings plan.

Regardless of where you are at, questions about annuities can quickly become a headache for business leaders because there are many opportunities and these require a thorough knowledge of the laws and regulations governing their use.

GOOD NEWS: Our company has experienced experts in this field. Better still, it offers you a turnkey service that will relieve you of all the technicalities that go from the request for proposals to the follow-up of the returns of your collective solution. 

For tailor-made solutions for your business with proactive management that can include a turnkey service, ask for a meeting with one of our specialists. We promise you a discussion that will be profitable!


  • Collective RRSP
  • DPSP (Deferred Profit Sharing Plan)
  • TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account)
  • RVER (Voluntary Retirement Savings Plan)